Canadian Bleach

It can be difficult to determine if Canadian bleach is right for disinfecting as the sodium hypochlorite percentage isn’t always listed on the bottle. Please reference the table below to ensure your bleach is correct! Remember scented and splash-less bleaches are NOT recommended.


NameBottle FrontBottle UPCRecommended?
Canadian Tire BleachNot Recommended
Clorox DisinfectingRecommended
Clorox OriginalRecommended
Clorox Smart SeekNot Recommended
Clorox Splash-LessNot Recommended
Great Value ConcentratedNot Recommended
Great Value Heavy-DutyRecommended
No NameNot Recommended
No Name Club PackNot Recommended
Old DutchNot Recommended
President's ChoiceRecommended
Save on Foods Concentrated BleachNot Recommended