6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Fluff Love Life

I love to learn! I’d go to school till I die if it was financially possible. I especially like hands on learning, you know like the rooms in the science museums where they let you touch and play with everything. There isn’t much I find more satisfying than getting down and dirty to learn something new. I suppose that’s why I feel so at home in Fluff Love & CD Science, especially since I’ve been an official member of the team.

There’s a lot at do behind the scenes, there’s a lot of mundane stuff we do that comes with maintaining a troubleshooting group of 90,000+ but there’s a lot of fun stuff too. We’re almost all research nerds and love keeping up with any research related to laundry and fabrics. It’s been fun to brush up my science, research, and interpersonal skills.

I love that the group gives me an opportunity to geek out and try new things. I often cycle through many detergents so that my recommendations to members can be better. It’s so much more meaningful, to me, if I’m able to say I’ve actually tried something versus just hearing about it. Tide is my favorite for diapers but I’ve tried many that are good, and some not so good.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to embark on this challenge. I wanted to better be able to put myself in the shoes of others and say yes I’ve done this and yes it worked for me. I’ve applied the basic principles of FL&CDS washing methods to using a washboard and I’m excited that so far it seems to be working! I used hand washed diapers for the first time last night and this morning my super soaked overnight diapers barely smelled like anything!


Sometimes I get lost in SAHM-ville and the main group and its sister groups have helped me stay connected to others. I’ve made some great friends through the group and have learned more about myself through my relationships with them and my relationships with the members. I feel like being in contact with so many people, from so many different walks of life, has really opened my eyes and made me more compassionate in my daily life.