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Hi Fluff Lovers! Admin, Holly here. 8 months ago in June I created a group on Facebook, PNW Cloth Diaper Group, to connect with local cloth diapering parents. I’d like to introduce you to the group’s admin team:



Jamie Whitney is a stay at home mom to a 8 year old daughter, 3 ½ year old son, and a 13 month old Daughter. 



Amy Craig is very knowledgeable with cloth diapering and has been washing her diapers properly longer than I have! She has great first hand experience with soft water and wool!



Lacey Knowles works full time as a medical receptionist and cloth diapers full time! On top of that she keeps our group running smoothly along with the official group co-op!


These awesome gals keep our group a truly special place. They ensure that all members feel welcome by starting with a personal welcome post for every person that joins our group. They organize meet ups and parties and swap gatherings. We have a local WAHM that offers monthly sewing classes for members interested in learning how to make their own diapers. They’ve made videos, photo albums, researched topics, brands, products, and machines to ensure that everyone feels informed and has their questions answered. They’ve spent countless hours troubleshooting with local mamas while referring to the Fluff Love files and Fluff Love University Website. For the purposes of meet-ups, we generally gather within Snohomish County in Washington State but we welcome members from all over the Pacific Northwest to join us in conversation and community. Thank you Amy, Lacey and Jamie for keeping our group a fantastic place for fellowship with like minded mamas!

Come join the PNW Cloth Diaper Facebook group!