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Cloth diapers are making a comeback! With many parents looking to “go green” and protect the environment, and many more hoping to save a few bucks on one of the biggest expenses that comes with a new baby, cloth diapers are becoming a more common choice among modern parents. But it’s not your grandma’s pins and plastic pants anymore! Get started here and learn about the types of cloth diapers. We’re about to rock your world!

But What About…

How do I wash cloth diapers?

Washing cloth diapers is as easy as washing any laundry! If you have enough time to start the washer a few times a week, you have enough time to wash cloth diapers. At Fluff Love, we do NOT believe in complicated or involved wash routines. Get started here!

What are the different types of diapers?

Pockets, AIOs, and prefolds, oh my! Check out our guide to different types of diapers to get a quick overview of the different styles you can buy.

Can we start right away?

Of course! You don’t even have to be home from the hospital. Our Brand New Baby section can help you use your fluffy new diapers in that sleep deprived newborn whirlwind.

How do I choose a cloth diaper detergent?

You can use almost any detergent you can get at the grocery store for your cloth diapers – no fancy, expensive fairy dust here! Check out our extensive Detergent Index if you’d like more guidance on picking the right detergent for your family.

¿Habla español?

Si usted habla español, ¡no se preocupe! Hemos traducido muchos de nuestros archivos al español, y ofrecemos ayuda en español en nuestro grupo de Facebook, Fluff Love en Español.

Can I share this information?

Absolutely! Every family deserves access to clean diapers. Feel free to share any of our information. We only ask that you cite us as your source and keep any of our citations intact.

How do I care for wool?

A diaper that’s naturally waterproof, breathable, soft, sustainable, good for the environment, free of petroleum products, and maybe even recycled or organic? It’s not a myth, it’s wool! Caring for wool may seem intimidating at first, but it’s easier than you think to get started!

Who is Fluff Love University?

FLU began in 2014 as a Facebook group called Fluff Love & CD Science, and since then has grown to be the largest cloth diaper community on the internet. We are an independent nonprofit organization, run by moms and dads in our spare time.

Where can I get personalized help?

Do you have a specific situation or a unique question? Just looking to chat with other cloth diaper parents? Check us out on Facebook in Fluff Love & CD Science!