Fluff Love + Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

Fluff Love is proud to announce that we are now partnering with Lil Helper Cloth Diapers!

Lil Helper. Kind of a big deal.

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers are high quality, fun diapers that come with a killer Fluff Love wash routine. Since 2015, we have been forging a relationship with this company and collaborating to update Lil Helper wash instructions. Now, we’re so proud to announce that we are teaming up to not only offer a great deal to Fluff Love fans, but also to help other organizations towards their goal of ending diaper need!

What’s All This About?

How do I get my discount?

All you have to do is head over to the Lil Helper website, make any purchase, and enter the code FLCDS at checkout. Each purchase will get an exclusive Fluff Love discount, AND you’ll earn credit towards diapers for a non-profit cloth diaper organization of our choosing.

How does this donation thing work?

Every purchase made using our special Fluff Love referral code will build up a credit with Lil Helper. When our credits are full, they’ll be automatically cashed in and a check cut to the chosen cloth diaper organization.