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If you’re going to strip and sanitize your diapers, we recommend several products that you’ve probably never purchased before. We didn’t invent them and we are not affiliated with these companies – they’re actually laundry additives that have been around for years or even decades! All of them can be purchased at Walmart or through Amazon.com. Please note that the links here are the correct products, but they are only sold in multipacks through Amazon. You can purchase the supplies for less money if you buy them from a local store. Here’s the rundown:

Stripping Diapers

To strip your diapers of mineral build up from repeated washes in hard water, you will need to use RLR, or a DIY mix of Calgon, Borax, and washing soda.

Sanitizing cloth diapers

After stripping or when purchasing used diapers, or when dealing with a yeast infection, you will need to sanitize your diapers using disinfecting bleach. Disinfecting bleach is NOT color-safe, splashless, or scented, and it contains at least 5.25% sodium hypochlorite. Any brand of bleach will work, as long as it meets these criteria. The Clorox brand pictured below is the “name brand” bleach.