You’ve Done a Water Hardness Test, Now What?

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by Melinda Wendland

Use the graphic below to decipher your water type situation. IF you have hard water and have NOT been using a water softener to date you *may* need to do a Hard Water Strip to remove any built-up minerals you may have inside your diapers before beginning your new routine to include a water softener in every main wash.

If your water ends up being even moderately hard and you are using a plant-based or Free & Clear/Gentle detergent you likely need to go ahead and add a water softener to the main wash of your routine. At this level, many strong mainstream detergents can handle the mild/moderate hardness, but those that are weaker need a boost, even with mildly hard water.

How To Strip Your Cloth Diapers:

Water Test Strip Interpretation Graphic:

Water Test Results and Explanation Graphics:

Understanding Water Hardness- intro

Understanding Water Hardness